Ten Ringgit Club

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The Ten Ringgit Club Bhd was set up three years ago on 11th August, 2011 to address the educational needs of marginalized children in northern Sarawak. Many children are deprived of education due to extreme poverty and lack of proper documents.  Besides providing them basic literacy and numeracy skills, we have a special aim to improve the standard of English.

Individually, each of us may be unable to fund the efforts required to make a dramatic impact on the quality of life of our underprivileged children.  However we can make a difference if we pool our resources together.  RM10 from many people, instead of thousands from a few- that is the strategy of the Ten Ringgit Club- to improve the lives of these children, RM10 at a time. 

Our Operation:

We keep our operation very simple and straightforward.  There is no administrative staff or expenses as every task is carried out by ourselves.  Volunteers do not receive allowances.  Only monies spent that are directly related to the children are claimed such as rental for premise, teacher’s salaries, food, printing and stationery, books, educational materials, children’s medical expenses and utilities. 

Currently we have two learning centers situated at:

  1. Lot 1119, Jalan Limau 2, Pujut 5B, Miri
  2. Staff Barracks, Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, Miri

At each of these centers, we have trained teachers to teach literacy and numeracy skills to children aged between 4 to 18 years.  There is no fees charged. We also provide snacks and all stationery free of charge.

How do you contribute?

Members can choose to pay their pledge of RM10 once a month or RM120 for the whole year.  They can also choose to pledge any amount over RM10.

Payment can either be:

  1. cash
  2. cheque made payable to THE TEN RINGGIT CLUB.  
  3. Transfer into our account at Maybank 511186324219
  4. Via paypal to [email protected]

Please ensure you receive a receipt for your donation.

Used clothing and other items

We also welcome used clothing, shoes, books, stationery.  Please give them to us if they are still in good condition. We will either sell them to raise some funds or give them to the children.

How do we update you on our project?

A report on latest activities and statement of donation received and expenditure will be posted every 3 to 4 months.  Please view under news at our website.

How else can you help?

You can help us recruit more members by telling your friends and families.  Each ten dollar a month contribution shall be put to good use.

The Ten Ringgit Club is a non-profit corporation registered in Miri, Sarawak.

Contact us at 012-8700757 or 019-8544237 for more information about how else you can help or be a member/volunteer.